My Take on Messi vs Ronaldo .

Isn’t this one of the hottest topics out there ? I’ve seen people get into fights over this discussion. Let me make it very clear that I’m a hardcore fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and here comes the shocking part – I respect Lionel Messi and by respect i mean that i do not trash talk about him ( Oh please! back then when El Classico used to be fun due to the presence of these two legends, I obviously would trash talk when he used to be in form).


Let me just share a typical conversartion between a Messi fan and a Ronaldo fan . However the conversation might have started , it surely does reach this point .

LM10 Fan :Dude , Messi has won 6 Ballon d’ors . Well, I don’t think you know but Ronaldo has only 5

CR7 Fan : So what man ? We at least won the EURO 2016 Cup against France !

LM10 Fan : hey! Messi is God okay ! He has scored most goals in a calendar .

CR7 Fan : so what ? Ronaldo has scored a goal in every minute of the match in his career!

LM10 Fan : hello !!! Messi has the maximum La Liga goals – 438 !

Well , this just goes on and trust me the language I’ve used here is really subtle . There is literally no limit to this feud . Messi fans go till the extent to say that Ronaldo has commitment issues because he isn’t married and Ronaldo fans won’t back off too ! they always hit the soft spot by talking about how Argentina reaches many finals but never wins.

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I’ve grown up (and still am) being a Ronaldo fan whereas my sibling a Messi fan .We’ve literally had the walls divided in our house to put up posters of Messi and Ronaldo.We’ve insulted each other on a personal level for talking trash about our idols to the extent where one of us would end up in tears.

So , as I mentioned in my title , my take on Messi vs Ronaldo is literally not siding with anyone . the joy is in idolising your favourite player and care just about him (here both are males so the gender is fixed and I know that women play football too so stop judging right now). Why on Earth would you hit someone for liking another player ?Also , fun fact – Ronaldo and Messi never trash talk about each other and here comes the best part – they RESPECT each other ! So whoever is getting into the arguments needs to back off !

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I know that many people even from my family after reading this are going to tell me that ” It is a good attempt at blogging but ‘x’ player is way better than the other.” I don’t and never did think that i could change this mentality because this passion and love towards the players is one of the most important factors that keeps this sport alive ! But hey !all I’m asking is for a little respect towards other players because you are not on the field and the pressure that they feel on the field is not the same pressure that you feel while playing FIFA on your Play Stations . so , YOU DO NOT GET TO JUDGE THEM ! This is all that I want to say on this topic . Stay Home , Stay Safe !

Regards , Vyshnavi .

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